Windows 10 randomly freezes and reboots when using a USB-C connection

Discussion created by marafado88 on May 31, 2019
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I have a Windows 10, that cannot handle the USB-C to USB-C connection, it simply freezes when I connect a Dell U2719DC Monitor to the computer.


I already update both Windows 10 and ATI graphical card, and nothing.


Also tried to use a display port from USB-C to HDMI, and here seems to work 90% of the time but I have encountered random behaviours from it like, rebooting Windows 10 in an infinite loop, and also freezing Windows.


Seems like there is a problem in my Windows 10, when using the USB-C as a display port, but dont know what can be. In this machine I only have 2 USB-Cs, there is no other video ports like DP and HDMI, its an iMac.