Wraith Prism won't save my settings

Discussion created by isaactam1029 on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by isaactam1029

Hi. I had changed my RGB settings for the Wraith Prism a few times after I finish my PC building and everything works fine and normal with the cooler master software. But recently when I decided to change my RGB settings, I was curious about the "ENZO" mode and pressed on it. When I pressed on the button, nothing happens and I changed my settings as usual. It seemed to be working and I clicked "apply". But when I tried to restart my PC, the cooler returns to its old settings and no matter how many times I've changed the settings, or press the " reset to default" button, the cooler will always change back to its old settings. How can I solve this problem and change my settings again?