instant replay: off (even tho it is on?)

Discussion created by fortuneeke on May 30, 2019
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I've been having this issue for a couple of months, where when I try to save an instant replay, it will just say instant replay: off, even tho it is on, and im using the save keybinds? I poked around on google and to my suprise there were numerous people reporting the same bug, on this forum, reddit etc. Even one user said he had reported this bug 10 times and the issue was still never resolved.

Also, ive tried a clean install, ive tried DDU etc. Lmk if you have any suggestions to fix this problem completely, untill AMD fixes this issue.


Instant Replay is on, but off?

ReLive - Inconsistent Instant Replay Function 

It'd very much like AMD to fix this issue


PC Specs

Ryzen 5 2600

16gb ram (corsair)

RX 580 8gb

1tb HHD