FPS get locked when i idle at most games

Discussion created by sebalemartinez on May 30, 2019
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My FPS get stuck at 69 on most games i play (CSGO, ROCKET LEAGUE for example). I have a RX 590 saphire gold edition, a i7 4790, 16gb of ddr3, a common motherboard h81mhv3 from biostar, a 650w power supply 80+. The problem is when i move the game ramps up in FPS it goes from 69 locked to 150 or more but when i stop moving it lowers it self to 69 and stays there, it does not go lower 69 and i do not know what is the problem, i have the drivers up to date and my windows drivers too... so i am kinda lost. i used to have a r9 270 and that didnt happened when i did the upgrade last month happend this and i dont know how to solve it the games run smoothly if you keep moving if you stop it locks it self to 69. (is like if it goes to sleep when you idle).


69 am i getting TROLLED by amd. please help a brother out!!
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