Radeon VII forced 60 Hz on 1440P in some games

Discussion created by alexsjoe on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by jdrobinson314

I'm running a Radeon VII with the 19.5.2 drivers hooked up to an Acer XV273K monitor (Freesync 4K 144 Hz).


Now, when i start games where i can't choose the refresh rate i'm getting stuck at 60 Hz at 2560x1440.


1920x1080 = 144 Hz

2560x1440 = 60 Hz

3860 x 2160 = 144 Hz


When i'm at the desktop i'm getting 144 Hz from the monitor, and even in games when im running windowed at 1440P.

As soon as i go fullscreen in the game, my Screen goes to 60 Hz. Apex Legends specifically behaves this way.

I've reinstalled Windows and tried older drivers, i've even tried CRU to remedy the problem to no avail and changed DP-cables.

If i put in a nVidia 2080 into my computer it works, but not with the Radeon VII.

Are there any solutions or to just RMA the card?