AMD GPU randomly stopped working.

Discussion created by officialfriet on May 30, 2019

So recently I bought a new motherboard cause the PCIEx slot on my old one was broken. I've had no issues for a month untill yesterday I was playing a game, I went away from my computer for 10 minutes to grab me something to drink and when I came back my screens were black and the light was blinking so I thought they went into power saving mode. so I moved my mouse to get a signal but nothing happened. it stayed black. now when plug my monitor into my Motherboard to see if my GPU is working it doesn't show my GPU in my device manager. when trying to reinstall the AMD drivers it tells me there's no AMD hardware found.

Does this mean my GPU is broken? when turning the pc on the GPU turns on aswell with the fans on full speed (wich it normally only does after I launch MSI afterburner).

Or is the problem with my motherboard even though it's only  a month old and I haven't had any issues with it.

my GPU is a couple years old now.



Motherboard : Asrock B85M Dash/OL

CPU : Intel core i5-4460

GPU : AMD radeon r7 200 series

RAM : 16 GB ram @ 1300 Mhz