Personal Computer for Tradingsystem upgrade???

Discussion created by lechef on May 29, 2019



So to the point.


I am missing a workstation tradegrade system upgrade on the market.


I am sure we can trade with alot of the current available systems.


However, new technology is showing new possibilities.


Pcie gen 5, Hdmi version 2.1, Displayport 1.4a( HBR4)**.


I would like to see a workstation in the form of a dual socket threadripper motherboard with the upgraded connectors.

It needs computing power and not so much memory. Lets say from 48GB-80GB of ram for fun.  

Possible would want to have the OS to run in the memory or in some multiple M.2 configuration in a Pcie X16 slot on the motherboard.


Also a 10GB networkconnector for fast transfer between NAS and computer.

It should have as many pcie gen 5- X16 slots as possible to fit on a E-ATX board. 

Since it would require two graphicscard with only one type of connector, prefers displayport for the 144hz refreshrate.

The graphicscard could be with 3++ connectors. Or one card with 6 slots. You understand.


Two X16 slots for trading related cards.

One for a 10GB NIC. Unless possible to integrate two 10GB NICS on the board.


What I am saying is pack it with alot of goodstuff. Mostly compute power.


Enough of my christmas wishlist for 2022. Just saying.


Keep up the good work AMD.


All the best from Norway