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Question about GPU custom fan control

Question asked by koshmarov on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by koshmarov

Hello guys i have a question about GPU custom fan control. I have MSI RX 580 4GB and when it idle with stock settings GPU temp is around 53-55c i have dual monitor, and i saw MR.pokester post and followed his custom fan settings and my GPU idle around 35-37c but RPM always around 1600-1700. is it bad that GPU fan run constantly ? with stock settings GPU rpm goes to 0 and fans turn off with custom settings it always running. i like it cool but i'm worried that GPU fan always running is bad does not age well. So guys give me some advice thanks.
(MR.pokester settings that i followed)
MR.pokester settings that i followed


(My Settings)
My settings