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Minecraft crash, problem with atio6axx.dll (FTB)

Question asked by gotxi85 on May 29, 2019
Hello all!

I play Minecraft with mods (FTB Infinity Evolved) and it crashes when i aim the camera onto my monster farm.
If i look elsewhere it runs fine, but as soon as i look into it the game crashes.
I have an I7 3770K with 16gb RAM and an RX480 and using Win10 and java with the latest updates.
This is the crash log:
I also have updated my AMD drivers to the latest version, and also cleaned the shaders, but i still experience the same problem.
I am also using the latest FTB Infinity Evolved version. Any ideas why this happens?
Game details: About what i have in my monster farm: 2 cursed earth farms. One with grinder and another with a mob grinder (draconic evolution). Also a third farm with wither skeleton spawner (with mob essence from the grinder) and water flow that pushes the skeletons into an autonomous activator with beheading 8 sword.
also 2 vacuum hoppers to grab items and exp from 2 of the farms if that helps
i have not changed anything and it ran perfectly this last week, but now suddenly crashes every time i look into that zone.