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GPU uses max. 40% while gaming...

Question asked by niemiec767 on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by pokester

Hey! Recently, I had a problem playing ets 2 because the use of gpu (radeon hd 7600m hd but where I saw 7670m HD) was around 30-40%. In the world of tanks is the same, in the garage the use of cpu reached 100% and the cards also 30-40%. I do not know what may be the reason, in the settings of the radeon I have set the highest performance: / I feel that the integra is included because I have 2 monitors, well, from the laptop and TV, but even before this tv was a problem. And in Msi Afterburner I can not even crank up, before the current system (win 10, then 8.1) I could overclock but now something has failed: / Anything else I can do? greetings

I3-3110m (integra intel hd 4000)

Radeon 7600m hd

4 gb ram

256 gb ssd

And sorry for bad english, fastly translated it from Polish to English, so i hope it is readable