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Firepro W9100 Workstation - specs of model??

Question asked by caltorequestion on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by elstaci

Hi all! Have written to AMD but would love your input! I am trying to find out the actual specs of a workstation card I have. It is a Firepro W9100, model is C676 but I am finding conflicting info online as to what is actually inside.


Is it 16 GB or 32 GB? Is it DDR5, GDDR5, DDR3?


Any idea of realistic pricing for these? The W9100's seem to be anywhere from $800-$4000 & there must be a difference, I just can't figure out how! I took this as payment for a $3K debt owed to me but I have a feeling I was lied to about the value of this card (he said it was $10K new when he got it in 2016).


I currently don't have a PC to test any of this out on so I hope the info in the picture is enough to go on. 


Thank you in advance for any answers you may have. I really do appreciate it!