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Vega 56 (ASUS ROG version) low power consumption and core clock

Question asked by rexathon on May 26, 2019

I am running an ASUS ROG Vega 56 with a Ryzen 1700 processor, and 16gb of RAM (2133 MHz). In some games, such as Post Scriptum, Squad, Escape From Tarkov (i'm sure there are some more I am forgetting) the card is barely being used. The power consumption varies from 50 watts to 150 watts. The core clock bounces between idle and 900mhz, and the utilization of the card ranges from 50% to 80%. I have 2 cables feeding power to the card, its over clocked a little bit and I have the slider for power at +50%. This problem results in some pretty trash framerates - 20-45fps depending on the game and whats going on at the time. This is all on a display of 2560x1080 so its above 1080p but not 1440p. I cannot seem to figure out why the card is acting like this, and its only in some games and not others.


I don't have a screenshot of the numbers in game, unfortunately the radeon overlay does not get included in the Steam screenshot. The CPU utilization is typically around 30-50% across the 16 threads, sometimes bouncing up to 70% on a thread or two occasionally.


Does anyone have any ideas to fix this? This is a VERY frustrating issue as its pretty much just idling in all of the games that I play and its become a waste of money - my old R9 380 performed nearly as well as the 56 does in this current condition.