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R5 2400G (no more than 2GB of Vram?)

Question asked by arjmaj on May 28, 2019

I have a problem... REAL problem.

I have my new shiny Ryzen 5 2400G (i use the integrated GPU)

I configure my bios to force the integrated graphics, select UMA Fixed and then select 4G, but windows 10 (pro) only sees 2GB of dedicated Vram. The problem is that the games i want to play (some games) detect the "dedicated" Vram and don't launch if not meet the minimum... and... some games require at least 3GB of dedicated Vram. Setting more than "2G" in the bios serve for nothing. Windows doesn't see more than 2GB, GPU-Z is the same...

My board is Gigabyte, model: GA-AB350 Gaming 3.

Some advide?, i've tried everithing.


Sorri for my english, its not my language.