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Laptop freeze while installation of amd R9 M375 display driver

Question asked by premj on May 25, 2019


I am using Lenovo Z 51-70, since last 2 months I had problem with my laptop. Suddenly one day blue screen appeared with error showing Thread Stuck in Device Driver. So I updated windows and again tried to install the driver again. Every single time when installation reaches to 44% my computer freezes. Since then I was unable to install my GPU driver.

I thought there might be problem with windows so I reinstalled my windows but same problem occurred my laptop froze. I also tried Clean installation suggested by kingfish.Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers. Clean installation didn't work for me.

I also tried Laptop graphics update...How to  but that didn't worked for me.

Laptop Specification

Model: Lenovo Z 51-70

OS: Windows 10 Home Single Language (64 bit)

Processor: Intel Core i5-5200U


GPU: AMD Radeon R9 M375

Thank You in advance.