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Issue with driver(?) on custom build: crashes & BSOD

Question asked by kaeneus on May 24, 2019

I recently got my first custom-built PC (built by professionals, not me) but I seem to be having some issues with it.

Games that I should be able to run on ultra with no difficulty frequently crash to desktop. Sometimes, my computer shuts down entirely unexpectedly. Every time my computer restarts (even when I shut it down properly myself) I get the message that AMD’s wattman settings were reset to default due to an unexpected system shutdown. I also get semi regular BSOD, with varying error codes. The most recent one was a ‘Memory Management Error’, which I see can apparently be caused by faulty drivers. I have also gotten a ‘Page Fault in Nonpaged Area’ area, which is apparently caused by a power outage (which didn’t happen) most frequently, but can also be caused by bad RAM or a driver issue.

The common thread between a lot of these error messages has been a potential driver issue, so I am fairly sure it’s a driver issue of some type, but I’m not quite sure how to fix it.


I have tried:

  • Using AMD’s clean up tool and reinstalling the driver downloaded from the official site
  • Using automatic programs like IO bit driver installer to update the driver
  • Running dxdiag (doesn't appear to have any issues, to my untrained eye)
  • Uninstalling the device, redetecting it, and letting windows install the right driver
  • Ran chkdsk /f completely, took about seven hours
  • Making sure Windows is up to date (it is, according to the official 'check for update')
  • Disabling fast start up


Here is my speccy report, and I've attached my dxdiag report & Windows Reliability History, if that's at all useful.  Thank you all very much in advance.