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Can we get an option for 16 or 32 sample downscaling like OBS instead of bilinear scaling for ReLive

Question asked by chrisnguyen2796 on May 24, 2019

OBS studio downscaling looks significantly better than relive thanks to their downscale filters. Selecting these options I noticed no difference in performance and OBS claims that as well.


When downscaling from 1440p to 720p on relive, text is completely destroyed and the area around text is crushed like crazy. This is thanks to amd choosing to use bilinear filtering. I'd gladly trade the few frames for an option to have better downscaling. I hate that I have to cap my fps to not go over 90% GPU utilization with OBS or else the AMD encoder just stops working completely so I want to use relive.


I'd also love to see a noise gate option on relive, OBS's audio settings are a huge reason why I use it over relive. Also I'd like to mention that I get bad audio crackling with relive when I'm streaming or recording from my scarlett solo 2nd gen audio interface and I get none in OBS as well. Everything on my PC is set for 48khz and I've tried 44.1 before but it didn't solve my problem.