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Question asked by jdubs on May 23, 2019
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Good Day Fellow AMD'ers! I recently built a new gaming pc and am having some issues with initializing the GPU.. or something.


The Build:

EVGA Z390 Dark



32 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V-Series DDR4-3333 

Samsung 970 Pro SSD in M.2 Slot 1 (Installed directly under the Graphx Card in PCI-E Slot 1)(Boot Drive)

2TB Seagate Barracuda (Non-RAID Config)

Rosewill Lightning 1k Watt PSU 

Win 10 Home 64bit (Loaded from Disk)

ASUS 5.25" DVD/CD Writer

Peripherals: MadCatz KB 5 (or something) & MadCatz RAT 7 Mouse


Built this badboy over the past weekend. Win 10 install went well (AFAI could tell). I was able to load/update all of the mobo, M.2 SSD, and Windows (Update) drivers.


Past that, I am having an issue that I cant work out. PC boots fine to windows on the MoBo graphics (HDMI pass-through the GPU since this MoBo does not have an HDMI port), and I can access most Windows functions from there. However the GPU does not present in the Windows device manager (or its Hidden View). The EVGA BIOS does indicate that there is a device in the PCI-E slot 1, but zero details on its ID or specs anywhere else in the BIOS. Of note here, that when the PC is powered on, the colors on my display are normal (by & large), but there is a subtle cycling of pink-purple-green-blue in the peripheries of icons and such while in Windows, but not in BIOS. I have isolated this phenomenon to my new PC, and ruled out my display as the cause.


Any and all attempts to scan for hardware changes in Device Manger causes the rig to freeze-up (after about 8-10 seconds), requiring a hard shutdown. Any and all attempts to update the drivers (AKA install Adrenalin) causes the rig to freeze-up (either at the "Checking for New Drivers" (Under Custom Install) or "Checking System Hardware" (Under Express Install) after about 8-10 seconds), requiring a hard shutdown.


I have tried:

* Scanning the RAM, SSD, & HDD for errors- None.

* Reinstalling Win 10- No Improvement.

* Expanding the Windows Virtual RAM- No Improvement.

* Reseating the GPU x5 (Note: it does have the requisite 2x8 Pin Connectors, each having a dedicated rail from the    PSU. The lights are on and the fans are a spinnin)- No Change.

* Attempted to update the card's VBIOS, several times (However I don't think that this actually went through, as the    CMD Prompt and other expected dialogues never presented.. or were so fast that I couldn't perceive them)

* Disabling the lower power states in a number of different settings for the CPU & GPU, both in Windows & BIOS

* Other Diagnostics and Stuff that I found through internet searches referencing this card (That don't immediately come    back to mind)

* Multiple different BIOS Settings

* Inventing new cuss-words and whispering them softly into the rear I/O ports..


Nothing yet has worked. I've never had a GPU fail on me, but I'm starting to wonder if this one is DOA..

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Kindest Regards,