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I can't select fast and slow drive. Options are grey.

Question asked by tinylini on May 22, 2019

Hello, thanks in advance for your help.


I used StoreMI since 2 weeks ago, then my HD got broken and I needed to change it. Before sending away the HD I removed it from StoreMI using "Remove fast media". 

The situation now is that I formatted the SSD that I used as the fast one and I formatted the new HD that I would like to use as the slow one. I can see them on my pc, but I don't know why I can't select them from StoreMI inside "create Non-bootable StoreMI". I can see both HD from the list inside the software as grey options, I can't select them, while other HDs are available.

Maybe I should do "New Non-Bootable StoreMI" since are blank drives? The fact is that this option too is grey and I can't select it.


I tried to unistall and re-install StoreMI, but the HDs are still not usable, still grey options.
Could you please help me?


P.s. That is actually the secont attempt. I first formatted the HDs from Windows, I used "New non bootable StoreMI" and set them up. As a result the HDs vanished into nowhere, both of them. I needed to install MiniTool Partition Wizard to format them and clean them, because Windows was not able to see them anymore. Now I'm at the point described above, I can see them on Windows, but inside the software the options are grey and I can't set them up properly.


Thank you very much for your help.