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Ryzen 2700 Micro lags, EDC 99%, need help

Question asked by fmg on May 22, 2019



I set up a new Ryzen 2700 System 3 weeks ago. I am under the impression that boot times are longer than with my old Phenom. I did stress testing and memory / SSD tests, also futuremark, all seemed fine.

I use the hardware on an ASUS Prime X470 motherboard, PSU is a bequiet 11 650W. Cooling is fine, CPU never above 50°C.

Rest of the components is in the UserBench Link.

When using the PC and dragging Windows on the Desktop (like Ryzen Master or the Movement lags, especially when docking and undocking them. In Ryzen Master EDC goes up to 99%. Boost seems to kick in too late. If one of the cores is boosted already afterwards the lags are gone.

I tried running the ryzen energy profile as well as windows balanced. All drivers up to date, new windows media created.  UEFI options for cpu are all auto.

When I have a download running (Guild Wars 2 Launcher was very bad in that concern) the higher the Mbit (for me max. is 6 Mbit atm) the higher the edc and also the cores are boosting around a lot. If I limit the downloading program to 1 or 2 cores, edc stays lower and system lags are reduced a bit.

I use the XMP Profile 3200 with fully compatible HyperX Ram according to ASUS. BIOS is Version 4207, since this is the last one via DHCP Update, I was not sure if the 2 following ones were stable. Parallel Multithreading is on.


In User Benchmark the usage of everyday desktop programs or downloads also leads to performance loss.

This was while I used teamspeak and chrome / fdm were open. After I closed all those programs my result went up to 90% and I was on the 82. percentile.


My brother with an Intel 8700 did the same routine, his processor was not impacted at all by the other programs. With the open programs he was at 107%, without 108%.


What is wrong here? Why is my processor breaking down because of some desktop apps? They did not even use a lot of cpu load while I watched them in task manager. I just talked on teamspeak everything else just stood there idle. No Videos in Chrom running or anything like that.


I somehow have the feeling that something is off with the new pc, although I can't find any real problem.

Could there be a problem with the cpu / mainboard / power management?


Thank u all for your time.