Relive streaming Issue and OBS

Discussion created by me262schwalbe1 on May 22, 2019
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First of all here is my setup:

ROG Strix GL702ZC






I have followed the guides for both stream software encoders to try to get the best performance.I will start with relive.

first,I want to say I am not using the custom URL or stream key with relive.I just connect to youtube and stream.

yesterday I streamed for 1:1139 seconds and later on the only thing youtube was able to save was 2:05 seconds....I was disappointed and also will add that the stream was smooth but it kept getting pixelation in the stream...I know because I would watch with my phone to see how it looks....Radeon overlay freesync was enabled as well as enhanced sync.


these are my settings:





Now as for OBS I was getting clear quality except for the microstuttering and freeze then continue during streaming....


I have played around with the settings to where I almost got it,almost got it....


Connection is ok.



links to the videos using OBS

Attila Legendary WRE 431 A.D Third Chapter. - YouTube 


Attila Legendary WRE 431 A.D Third Chapter. - YouTube 

but need help......







****All updates are applied in this laptop and everything from CMD checks and Diagnostics of RAM of been checked as well as all the hardware checks too....****