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Am completely desperate at this point

Question asked by richarzard on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 25, 2019 by hardcoregames™

Hello all. I have recently purchased AMDS Ryzen 7 2700 processor along with an ASUS prime b350 plus board andw two 8 gig sticks of gskill trident z rgb f4-3000c16d-16gtzr. Forgive me for this memory and board was gifted to me by a friend for a gaming tournament. I have been unable to get this setup to work and have been at it for weeks now. From what i understand this memory is specifically tuned for Intel platforms. But also from what i can understand is that it should still work for ryzen as it IS on the QVL list for my board and does support ryzen as well. I am continuously crashing when gaming and getting "unhandled thread" errors or getting memory managment BSOD's. I have tried upping the dram in bios and also slightly tried upping the soc both of which resulted in the same outcome. Im currently using the ryzen DOCP profile with stock timings , 16-18-18-38-56. at 1.35 dram voltage.ive tried running at all speeds from 2133 - 3000 and have not had any luck. Sometimes it appears stable but after a day or few hours of gaming either my game crashes OR i bsod.  I've download the ryzen dram calculator and Thaiphoon burner. Thaiphoon informed me that my ram type is Hynix A-Die, but i did not see a specific setting in dram calculator for A-Die, only hynix AFJR or something of that sort, so i assumed they were the same? Although the dram calculator timings did not work for me and crashed my pc, so i assumed i did something wrong? I also tried running the Ryzen dram MEMTEST and it came back FLOODED with errors. Now if i test each stick individually using windows 10 memory checker they both pass without error, but when using both they flood with errors. So i am confused by this matter also. 


I apologize for my lack of knowledge in this matter but am doing the best i can to fix this issue and trying to thoroughly due my research. If anything has any insight about my current situation or would like any additional information please do not hesitate to ask.