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Sapphire Nitro+ RX Vega 64, extremely low clock speed.

Question asked by d4klutz on May 21, 2019

My system is the following:

AMD 1600 processor (AIO cooler)

Asus Prime B350 mobo

16 GB FlareX ram

Windows 10 64bit on a Kingston ssd

EVGA 650W powersupply

Dual Curved Samsung 27" 1080p displays w/ freesync


The issue is that i swapped out my Gigabyte 970 Extreme for the vega 64.  I Upon boot, everything seemed fine until I tried to play Fallout76.  Framerates had to be in 10-15 range.  Laggy as heck.  I uninstalled all drivers, Nvidia and AMD and then reinstalled the latest AMD drivers.  I then had the screen going black and then just coming on and turning off.  I rebooted and checked my graphics speed.  I was getting around 50mghz on the clock speed, I kid not. 


So, is this related to the fact that I could use a bigger power supply?  I have nothing overclocked at the moment, and I could run my cpu @ 3.9ghz stable with the 970 oc'd and run cool and stable... no power issues.   Or is it something else?  I saw a thread about the heat sink coming loose on the gpu.  How do I check that without voiding my warranty?  My temps seemed to be fine... Around 40c at idle.