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RX460 Windows 7 "Incompatible Build" error

Question asked by bullet1520 on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by pokester

I just refurbished an old Dell computer. I replaced the damaged hard drive with a fresh SSD, loaded up Windows 7 (I had a valid key lying around, I know it's outdated, but I'm selling the PC to a friend anyway), and began installing drivers. 
However, when I plopped in the RX 460 and downloaded the drivers (YES I got the correct version from the AMD site, Win7 64-bit) no matter what I do, I get this error: Radeon Setup has detected an incompatible build.
Windows 7 is fully up to date with every single available update installed; critical, optional, or otherwise. The only info I have found online are that people had downloaded the wrong version of the driver, or Windows was not up to date. Installing using the device manager was also unsuccessful. 
I would like to get this PC running properly, tested, and handed off to the person I'm selling it to, sooner rather than later. Any help I can get would be appreciated.