How I can grounding myself and components - Build own PC at home

Discussion created by peterq94 on May 21, 2019
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Dear AMD team,


I read your article how can I protect components from ESD (here is link: Processor Handling Guidance | AMD ) but I have some questions.


I will build my PC at home and I have not wrist strap and anti-static mat so how huge is risk to damage components? Do you advise me some tricks and tips?


Secondly I can buy wrist strap without anti-static mat because wrist strap is cheap but anti-static mat is expensive in my country (I am from Poland) so how I can grounding myself and components? I know that I can do this by case but my case is painted so I have no idea how can I grounding? If I attach crocodile clip from wrist strap to wall outlet without any device it is risky?


I don't want damage new components so can you tell me what I must buy to build my pc at home?


Thanks for your time and sorry for my english. This is my first post so if I did some wrong I am sorry.