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Graphics card running too hot and the fans don't come on until temp reaches dangerous highs.

Question asked by metanis1 on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by webchef

HIS brand R9 270X 2GB card.


Working fine until I had to reinstall Windows 10. Now the cooling fans will not modulate to maintain a reasonable temperature.


The fans do work but only at 100% speed. Used MSI Afterburner to prove this.


I have used the AMD cleanup tool and completely removed all AMD software. Then installed the drivers that Win10 liked automatically from 2 years ago. That didn't work so I installed the Adrenalin 19.4.1 version and that didn't work so I completely cleaned those and installed the 19.5.1 beta set and those don't work either.


I have checked my motherboard (MSI 970A-G43) is running the newest BIOS and I reloaded Optimized Defaults on it several times and tried various Energy and Overclocking options and that didn't work.


I have re-flashed the BIOS on my graphics card with newer HIS bios. It's now running in Turbo mode for free after that exercise! BIOS version 113-T21G03-002 to be exact. It bumped me up from 1050MHz to 1140MHz on the main GPU.


I don't get a WattMan interface in Radeon Settings, just something called Global OverDrive. If I leave the Fan Speed set to Off it reports running in Auto mode but the fans do not turn. If I set the Fan Speed control to ON and adjust the slider upward, nothing happens until the slider passes 80% and then both fans on the card begin to run at 100% speed and are very loud. When I move the slider back down to the left as it passes 80% again both fans turn off completely.


Within Win10 I have tried both the Balanced and the High Performance power profiles without fixing the problem.


It doesn't seem reasonable that suddenly the card can no longer modulate the speed of the fans to maintain a cooler temperature while staying somewhat quiet. Or is this the way AMD tries to force us to buy newer hardware by breaking the older stuff. (Yes this is a 5 year old video card but it works great for the 20 year old video game I play! Everquest.)