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Work around for AMD/XFX negligence?

Question asked by gyppedbyamdnxfx on May 20, 2019
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I own an RX 560 (4g) XFX AMD graphics card and have windows 8.1 as my operating system. Even though the RX 560  box clearly states that Windows 8 is supported, to my dismay I discovered it is not. I called XFX and their tech support laughed. I contacted AMD and they chose not to respond. I included the attachment of a photo of the box that indicates Windows 8 is supported--but AMD and XFX remains indifferent. At the moment, I cannot afford another operating system. Is there any one out there who can provide a work-around so I can at the very least get dual monitors working? I tried legacy drivers for the RX 460, windows 7 and 10 drivers and none work so far. Any work around or link would be great appreciated.