Vega 64 World War Z HANG

Discussion created by amdbooger on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by ray_m

As stated in title, my Vega 64 is unable to play this game without a hang within seconds to 5 minutes.  I know this is a VEGA specific issue, as i took my sons RX 570 out of his computer, put it in mine and PRESTO!  I can play for hours and hours no issues.  Both cards share the same windows 10 driver....meaning, the issue is specific to the Vega.  AMD, it is a bit daft that a AMD optimized/sponsored title is nigh unplayable on a Vega card.  How on earth do you slap your Logo/brand all over the game without making sure it is at least playable on your GPU's, let alone your last generation flagship card.  Weird.