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Cant get Radeon 7 to run on X58 anymore, anyway to reset?

Question asked by cryblood on May 20, 2019

So I Have a X58 System that will run a RX480 and a GTX 1070 no issue, when I initially installed the Radeon 7 it worked and I was playing Apex Legends at over 100+fps, however I had to reinstall AMD drivers to get other software to detect the card. So I removed with AMD removal utility in safe mode, however this Blue screened my computer during the restart, 100% BRICKED my X5675 (Was at stock, Replaced with a X5660 after a day of testing) and now after a windows reset the card refuses to output image on both my Rampage 3 Black Edition and my Sabertooth Boards, while the RX480 still works.


If I try installing the driver with the card installed I get instant bluescreens, If I install the drivers with just the RX480 and than install the Radeon 7 after I get Blue Screens right after logging into Windows 10.