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HEDT / Workstation / Medium Server Equivalent

Question asked by batteryking on May 19, 2019
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One thing I think is a bit odd about AMD's CPU strategy is there is one socket aimed at somebody who only games on their PC (or at least that is the only demanding task), apparently not doing anything that would require more than a single GPU and one or two NVMe drives and another socket only really aimed at huge datacenter servers; it is certainly too big to fit into almost any consumer computer case and individual threads too slow to do something like gaming.


I bring this up because I fall into the range of doing many things with my home office computer (under Linux), needing seven expansion slots with good performance (though if the onboard NICs did not burn out under sustained heavy load I would only need 6), needing a somewhat high core count but not like super ridiculously high, and fast cores as I do also game on the box and in general do a lot of stuff that is performance end user oriented, not super high threaded server loads, though the server stuff is also there because Linux can handle having all of the above on one box.  What it seems like AMD could offer in their next gen lineup, but have not announced / has not leaked is the medium sized socket option of up to 4 core tiles (up to 32 cores), 64 (or more) PCIe lanes, and 4 RAM buses.   My options are limited because I do not have the physical space for many smaller boxes, just gotta fill it with a fairly big box (a Caselabs SMA8), don't have the time to work on many small systems, don't have the money to build many smaller systems, and yeah it just wouldn't work out.  Even with the Caselabs SMA8 case while there was an SSI board option before they went out of business, I needed the extra space in the top chamber for both liquid cooling components and disk arrays.  With both of those in there, there is just not enough space left for a giant motherboard.  There is just enough space for up to a medium sized Intel socket 20xx workstation board, which fits well with the balance I am after between core counts and clock speeds while also having the reliability to handle many serious tasks concurrently.  At this I have to leave hyperthreading turned on even though it has become more and more of a liability with the Intel platform because the limited core count CPU cannot keep up with all of the concurrent real time tasks I have running on this box at times without it and at this I have to tip toe around a little and mess with nice factors to get everything I am trying to do to play well on this one box.  AMD could potentially be a good place for someone like me to go as you could make a higher performance part that slots into the same space with your superior technology.