Hard Crashing PC - RX580 - Wattman Recovered

Discussion created by square on May 17, 2019
OS: Windows 10
GPU: Radeon RX580 8gb
CPU: Phenom X4 850
PSU: 750w
I've been encountering a very specific crash ever since I upgraded my OS to windows 10 and my GPU to the RX580. I say specific as I've currently only experienced it in two place, both of which i can repeatably get to fail.
1) When playing COH2, during the 'loser cam' (where it zooms in on your base being destroyed) after a few seconds of the end screen, the whole computer will turn off
2) When playing Battlefront 2, when a match finishes and everything fades to go to the score screen, the computer will turn off. This also happens ANY time I try to open a crate in game. It will start the animation and then everything will turn off.
When I turn the PC back on again (which requires me to turn it off at the plug first) I see a message saying 'Radeon Wattman settings have recovered from an unexpected error'. I'm able to avoid these issues if I tab out of the game for about 10 seconds, and then reopen the window. Everything continues as normal, no issues but i will have to tab out each time I reach these points.
Any help anyone can suggest would be greatly appreciated as it makes literally no sense why in these two specific circumstances the PC turns off. I don't have this issue with any other games, be it CK2, Minecraft, Battlefield V, Overwatch or even Escape From Tarkov.
I've got both the latest drivers and up to date OS (previously had no issues when running windows 7)