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Regular Slowdown despite consistent performance

Question asked by itznoef on May 17, 2019
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i experience a regular slowdown despite monitoring programs reporting constant fps without drops.

this happens in ALL 3d games.

If the game is less demanding and the gpu runs below 100% it may take some time, up to maybe 1 hour for this to occur. If the game is gpu intensive and the core runs on 100% constantly, it starts almost immideately.

It is not really a stutter or frame drop, rather it feels as if the game itself runs slower for a split-second, this happens maybe every 1 to 2 seconds.


so far i have tried:

-clean driver install (DDU), several versions, on 19.5.1 atm

-setting power limit in wattman to 50

-enabling high performance mode in windows

-checked RAM with windows-tool

-googling for a few hours


my specs are:

MSI rx480 Gaming 8gig
core i5 4670K @ 3,8 Ghz OC
win 10 Pro x64 (latest updates)
8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1600MHz
MSI Z87-G43
coolermaster b500 v2 PSU (500W)


i think i can rule out temperature as the cause since i monitor it and neither gpu nor cpu ever reach much more than 70°C. i realize that i should maybe upgrade RAM but it never reaches full load and especially in less demanding games there is usually a lot left.


any ideas what might cause this?


sorry for the language, english is not my first language


thanks for your time.