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Square artefacts or texture loss RX 580 8gb

Question asked by luleskiy on May 17, 2019
A month ago I was playing minecraft when suddenly artifacts appeared. I was able to remove them by lowering the memory frequencies for a while. Artifacts are only in 3D applications. For example, Farcry 5 freezes after the level is loaded and the PC stops responding before rebooting. I tested the video card in the vram tester, furmark, OCCT. In OCCT, artifacts are missing in DX11 mode. Reinstalling the drivers and removing them did not help. Also, artifacts are on screen. Card did not warm up and did not accelerate and was not engaged in mining. Should I return a video card or something else can be done? GPU: RX 580 8gb Red Devil Motherboard: GA-P75-D3 CPU: Xeon E3-1245v2 BIOS: F11 RAM: DDR 3 8gb (4 + 4) OC: Win 10 Pro x64
Driver: 19.5.1