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Vega 56 - Black Screen / Fans to 100% / System still responding

Question asked by argon41 on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2020 by amdog

Hi Guys;

Just purchased a Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro+ LE to replace my 1070. Since installing this, anytime i try to use any program (seems to be mostly benchmarks or intensive 3D games like Unigine Valley, Superposition and Crysis 2 (Modded Minecraft seems to be ok)), after a short period, my screen goes black, fans ramp to 100%, but system still functions (game sounds / youtube can still be heard).


There seems to be some correlation between usage and the crashes (not sure if it is a crash, as the computer is still usable, just no screen). When playing modded minecraft, even in full screen at 1080 with VSync off (~120fps), it doesn't crash, but playing Crysis 2 at the same resolution or running a benchmark such as Unigine, causes an almost immediate crash. Using the desktop has not yet resulted in a crash.


My System is as follows

CPU: Ryzen 1700

MoBo: Asus ROG B350-I

RAM: 16Gb Corsair Dominator 3000MHz

GPU: Vega 56 (Sapphire Nitro+ LE)

PSU: Corsair Hx750i

VBIOS: 113-D0500300-O03

Driver: Adrenalin 19.4.1

Windows: Windows 10(E) 1803 (17134.765)Additional Information


Using Afterburner to monitor the system, temps stay below 60c, fans spin as normal, and both GPU and Mem clocks stay above desktop levels. Following other recommended actions, I have set the minimum RAM MHz to State 1 (700MHz), but despite saving the profile, when returning to Wattman after recovering, the Ram clocks have returned to default.


Also, no crashes have so far happened on the desktop, and I am using three separate 8 pin to 6+2 pin cables to connect to the PSU and they are separated across the PSU. 


I've read that rolling back drivers to an earlier version may help, so will be trying that when i get home, but does anyone have any other ideas?


Any help is hugely appreciated.