After fresh driver install (Vega 56), "two" monitors, but there ist only one Monitor.

Discussion created by tobiasclaren on May 16, 2019



After the fresh installation of the software for Vega 56, I have "two" monitors.
The Primary Desktop is a non-existent "2160x1200" monitor. This is a particular problem because all windows appear on this nonexistent monitor!
Also the newly opened window with the display settings.
I have to use the mouse in the non-existing monitor image to fish for the window.
This is a bug, not an individual problem.


Windows 10, H110M-ITX/ac, i5-6500, 16GB 2133 RAM.



I found the reason.
In the Windows display settings, no name of "Monitor" is displayed.
This is seen in the Radeon settings (Alt + R).
It's the HTC Vive. After the first launch of the HTC Vive the "monitor" disappears.
I could have deleted this post, but it remains a bug.
This does not happen with nVidia.

The HTC Vive (and possibly other VR goggles) should not be recognized as a monitor. The problem of opening the primary non-existent monitor on the window remains.
You have to "fish" for the window.