My asus rx580 4gb dual not worked in hdmi 2.0 mode

Discussion created by nnzylitch on May 15, 2019

Hi. I have TV xiaomi mi tv 2 55 inch with hdmi 2.0 and rx 580 by asus 4gb dual, I use Win10,high speed hdmi cable and Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.4.1 also I used 19.4.3 , when I include the hdmi 2.0 mode on the TV, I receive the black screen. But sometimes very seldom I manage to receive the image. Before loading of Windows the mode works. Also everything perfectly works with the video card Geforce 1060 6gb by asus. Why? it is my first video card AMD and I am disappointed since I not can receive 2K, 4K 60HZ It is necessary to get Geforce?