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Radeon VII  poor performance ???

Question asked by c3hammer on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by c3hammer

Getting poor performance from my newer build with a Radeon VII.  Looking for suggestions as to where to look to try to solve if it's just a bad card or a combo of bad hardware and drivers?


asrock x399 bios 3.5


MSI Radeon VII vbios 106

WD m.2 ssd 500g

WD SATA ssd 500g

32 gig Adata DDR4 2400

Win10 home 1809

AMD chipset drivers (I believe)

AMD video driver 26.20.11015.1003 from 19.5.1

Radeon VII is running on PCIe 3.0x16



Every thing is running stable, even over clocked to 3.9 ghz and 1.225v.  Never had a crash or bsod.


This thing is over twice as slow as another guys Vega Frontier Edition / TR1950x machine in our Vegas Pro 16 video editing software test render.  (31 sec vs 14 sec)


Userbenchmark shows the VII in the 10% percentile for these cards while all my other hardware way up there.

CinebenchR15 shows 93.5fps in the openGL test (10 fps slower than an older gtx1080 not ti)

     The cpu test here shows it ripping with a score of 3257

Superposition 4K optimized is only 7530.  Other top scores for the Radeon VII show 9500 and mine is the second lowest

     wattman shows gpu speed at over 1800, memory speed over 1000, temp 77c and Junction temp 110c in this test.

     with no notifications of any sort of throttling going on.


Two clean installs of window, numerous tries with all different driver vintages to no avail.  The latest 19.5.1 with the latest chipset drivers has my Vegas Pro 16 render test even slower now at 36 seconds.


This system is for video editing and cad/cam work.  Not a gamer at all, so I don't have any of those to stress test it with.


Suggestions greatly appreciated.


Cheers, Pete