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Ryzen 2600x not "boosting enough"°

Question asked by tymmey on May 15, 2019
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Hi There,


i already asked Gigabyte Support for help, thinking maybe the mainboard is at fault, but it doesn't seem so.


Gigabye Aorus B450 Pro
G-Skill Aegis, 2x8gb 3000mhz

Ryzen 2600x



lots of case fans, realy good airflow

Masterliquid ML240 AIO Watercooling




After i built my pc some weeks ago, i have myselfed informed of ryzen 2600x's capabilities and trying to see, what i can get out of this processor.


PBO was the thing and i read, that you can get a single core boost up to 4,25ghz and allcore more than standard 3,9ghz.


The single core boost is working in my case. I get frequencies up to 4,25ghz.


But all core boost is unsatisfying. While gaming i only reach something at about 3,96ghz. Not what i hoped for..


Temperatures are about 50-55°c while gaming.


Gigabyte support confirmed, that the mainboard is capable of boosting all core to 4,14ghz while having 60°c cpu temp.
(See screenshot: gigabyte.jpg)
They used prime95 for this (wow, im impressed of 60°c while prime95 stress testing)


While stresstesting with prime95 i get around 65-70°c at around 3,94ghz.
(see screenshot: prime95.png)


So i've seen that frequencies are temperatur dependent.

(using voltage offset reduces temps of -5°c, but this makes no difference at all)


Vmos temps are also realy ok, (case fans doing lots of work)
(see screenshot: vmostemps.png   left column is current value)


So in comparison:

While gaming I reach about 50-55°c.
Clock speed about 3,991-4,016 GHz.

(see screenshot: gaming.png)


While running prime95, I reach about 65°c-70°c
Clock speed about 3,941-3,966ghz


The difference off about 20°c is making only 50mhz difference? that is not what i expected, i bought watercooling to lower my temps for using PBO...

There are no more settings i can check, or is it possible to increase the frequency for pbo?

For some comparing i manually overclocked the cpu to 4,15ght with about 1,37v (about the same of pbo 3,99ghz)

This was working pretty fine, giving some more fps. Temperature while gaming were around 55-59°c not realy reaching the 60°c mark.

So i was wondering, why my processor is not capable to boost to 4,1ghz at 55°c while Gigabyte is reaching 4,14ght with 60°c.

I know it can not be my cooling setup, or my mainboard, so my last resort ist the cpu...

best regards,