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We need the drivers for newer devices on IA32 OS

Question asked by 小玲女仆长 on May 15, 2019

(English is not my native language, maybe some grammatical mistakes.)

I'm an amateur programmer and a classic game player, I use VB6.0 and other very very old programming software and many old game like Counter-Strike. Many professional programmer who have worked for many years all know Microsoft's WoW64 technology is NOT mature enough to replace pure IA32 OS EVEN NOW, many old software fail or crash when running in WoW64 environment, even enabled compatibility mode(Windows XP SP3 mode or earlier OS mode), but if run in IA32 OS, they will be no problem. AMD has abandoned all IA32 drivers for 14nm or newer deivces, and no more IA32 drivers updates for old devices when Nov 5,2018.

I think someone will ask me how I deal with more than 4GB memory, my answer is: use PAE on IA32 based OS. This will be better then AMD64 based OS, the only difference is that you can't run AMD64 based software.