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R9 390X Crashing

Question asked by j6crash on May 14, 2019

About a month ago my PC started crashing to a black screen seemingly at random, and the time after boot before crashing got steadily shorter until at this point it happens within 30 seconds of reaching the desktop. Isolated the problem to the GPU by removing it from the computer and just running integrated graphics, which works perfectly fine. Also tried switching out the PSU, but that didn't help.

Today I finally had a chance to try plugging the card into an entirely different computer and ran into the same problem again.

What gave me (perhaps unfounded) hope it may not be a lost cause is that it doesn't crash when using the basic Windows display driver. But when I install any AMD driver it crashes within seconds. Tried driver versions 19.5.1, 19.4.2, 17.2.1, and 16.12.2 and had the same issue with all of them.

Any chance this is a solvable problem or is the GPU dead?