PSA: B&H now offering sales tax credits

Discussion created by black_zion on May 13, 2019

Most people already know of B&H Photo & Video, think most reputable review sites have links to them alongside Newegg and Amazon in some review articles, but if you don't know already, they specialize in photo and video gear, but also have a good selection of phones and computer parts and free 2 day shipping with prices that are largely in line with Amazon and Newegg.


Now if you live in a state which charges internet sales tax, if you pay with their card, you get that tax amount credited at checkout as an instant savings. Amazon's 5% Prime card doesn't match what some states charge in tax.


Plus they're a small business, and usually offer bonus items, like the Galaxy S10e with a free Galaxy Tab A, so you can feel better about yourself than ordering from Bezos' empire.