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Wraith Prism software not changing colors

Question asked by kcak47mopr on May 14, 2019
Latest reply on May 18, 2019 by kcak47mopr

yes i have msi b350 tomahawk motherboard and i only have the usb cable pluged in to the wraith prism cooler and when i first turn on my pc the rgb comes on but after it fully boots up the rgb goes off and i have the cooler master amd software installed and i have the cooler pluged in to the first usb header on the modo colseiest to the usb 3.0 header and i have tryed it with both the usb cable and rgb cable pluged in to th cooler and with the rgb cable pluged in the rgb comes on but when i go in to the software and change colors it does not change and colors and i know my usb headers are good because i have tested them both so i know its not the usb 2.0 headers so can some one please help me fix this i herd there is an amd only version of the rgb controller software that is not made by cooler master and it works much better with 1st gen amd motherboards but i can't find the amd only version of the rgb software someone please help me fix this