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AMD link as open source

Question asked by bekkra on May 11, 2019

I came here to find help for the connection problems with AMD link but it ends up turning into a request: publish the software interface (API) for the service so that we (the community) can develop a solution. This has loads of advantages:


* AMD can reallocate developer resources for critical software

* The community can support the software efficiently

* Multiple interfaces can be developed

* The software running on the users handsets can support freedom.


Technically, I guess we could develop an open solution anyway, to support both AMD and its major rival on all three major platforms (adding a few here and there), because hardware and software information is available by other means.


But this app started well, with many details already good looking and a reasonable level of usability (mostly OK until something is not, and then you are left totally clueless).


So - please publish the software interface so that we can create something good.