CPU major problems with R7 2700 after upgrading from 1700

Discussion created by afm_amd on May 11, 2019
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After switch from my old R7 1700 to a R7 2700 I am having some problems:
- The 2700 is unstable on Tctl/Tdie Temps, so much variation that I haven't seen on my old gen ryzen, and I currently use a Corsair H60 push/pull which could keep the temps 60C before, now it ramps up to 70C easily and DO reboot in a gaming session (Battlefield V or Need for Speed Payback, both CPU demanding games);
- 2700 doesn't Boost that much during gameplay and does not overclock/undervolt like the old gen??? that's insane that I get no past from 1.25V (wih that rebooting mentioned earlier) and gets hotter even if 2700 have higher max temp than 1700;

I have already reinstalled Windows 10 x64 Pro, all the drivers (including AMD Chipset and AMD Radeon, latest) and do have the latest BIOS for my Asrock B350 ITX Fatality. It could be possible that my processor is faulty?

I could use some help to solve this situation