What went wrong here? CPU or Motherboard?

Discussion created by nicehuey on May 10, 2019
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Somewhat new to building PC's. Recently, I had to remove the CPU heat sink because the AMD logo blocked the RAM slot for new RAM. Unfortunately, I attempted to remove just the heat sink but the CPU was yanked out of the motherboard with it because it was fused to it. Few pins were bent and then when trying to fix them, one was completely broken. I heard there was a slight chance it could still work but the PC only gave a "NO signal screen" on the monitor. Chassis fans lit up and spun, CPU heatsink spun, but no signal on monitor. After that I assumed it was the CPU that is completely dead so I replaced it with a new one. Now with the new CPU, I still get the same issue. So now I'm wondering, is it really the motherboard and was it necessary to replace the bent and broken pin CPU? 


Specs: Ryzen 2200G 

Asrock A320M-HDV

4GB Ballistix RAM 2133

4GB G.Skill RAM 2400 (the one attempted to install)