Hybrid Vid. graphic issue (I think)

Discussion created by sunwoyong짚 on May 10, 2019

- Amd radeon tm vega 3 graphics and radeon tm 530 -
The issue is that although I tried putting games on high performance It doesn't really seem like both cards work as they should to be. Simply saying, having played about 5 minutes without any lags and freezes then games start lagging and freezing and It seems like cards switched and work only vega graphics but after some time (usually It takes 1-2 min) everything is fine again and the repeating is endless. I said that It seems like raden 530 just decided to turn off because It doesn't even depends on which game is running, It could happen to any game I play with radeon 530, but none of games that doesn't require radeon 530 lags. Situation with APEX legends was even ridiculous because I put the game on high performance but In game It still shows that the game is running only on vega (256 mb of VRAM in game) and even like this there are still times of none-lagging and lagging, and tried to shut down vega at all but It happend like I started playing in APEX without even using any cards (0 VRAM in game) but in this case, even my menu was lagging as hell.
They mystery is that in games like the witcher 3 and the division there is non-lagging time is up to 10-15 minutes and lagging time is up to 30-60 seconds, whereas in golf with your friends and any other not so system required games lagging time is 1-2 mins and non-lagging is only 3-5 mins.
I don't really know what to do. I tried reinstalling drivers and find any issue or anything but nothing helped at all, I tried changing in BIOS cards from dynamic to fixed (but as I found It out It's not even an option because there's no a function like this at all)
Sorry for my English, as a none-English speaker, I don't know how my explanations could sound to you.