Planetside 2 New DX11 API Released- Driver Support Improvements Possible? Video Links in Comments

Discussion created by zondabmw123 on May 10, 2019

Hello, Planetside 2 has just within the last month transitioned from the DX 9 api to DX11. I have alot of friends that play this game, and thousands of others through daybreak games launcher and directly through steam itself. Is there gonna be any driver performance improvements for this game that you all could look into. So far it seems they did all they can do on their end to improve performance and would love to see a % improvement from the AMD Team. If possible please hit up something even if its small performance boost!!!!

Thank You
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https://youtu.be/Imbl8Qd69ew Planetside 2 Over Six Years Later. Now With DX11! - Live Server
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https://youtu.be/tRC5n36MaiQ Why Planetside 2 is now THE game to play in 2019 DX11
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https://youtu.be/RKgOX5WahxoPlay Planetside 2 better than ever - massive Update!
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https://youtu.be/-MBSGxR47y0 Planetside 2: Directx 11 on PTS Test Server
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