Missing or Changed Driver Settings in Wattman

Discussion created by classica on May 9, 2019

The newest drivers at the moment (such as 19.4 etc) are missing the target and max temperature settings that I use to keep my GPU cool. Without them, even at max fan speed, the card reaches 80 C within a few minutes of playing. My house is around 20 C and all of the dust is cleared off of the system. Is there a way to match the settings of the max temp set to 75 C and the target set to 50 C with the newest drivers? The drivers that still have these settings are starting to glitch with Windows and most games, so I need to find a fast solution. I have an i5 8400 and RX 580 4GB. I'm new to PC stuff so if I need to include anything else let me know.

The settings I want with new drivers