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rx 590 fatboy always throttling

Question asked by amdbob on May 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by fujiyama-95

I just bought a xfx rx590 and don't use it for gaming but strictly for video editing etc. I was noticing that it was not hitting the advertised true clock speed of 1580 but rather staying around 1400 mhz clock speed in the radeon overlay display . I am not a gamer and use the card for video editing mostly. I decided to run Furmark to stress test the gpu thinking that maybe premiere pro wasn't pushing the graphics card hard enough. 

The core clock remains around 1400mhz. I researched my problem and some people suggest to increase the voltage in wattman to +50% and that does indeed bring the clock speed to 1580. However the temperatures seem to rise quickly and stay around 80ish degrees when I do that. Without the voltage increase the temperature never go beyond 70s. I would rather leave everything stock as I need stability more than performance. About to send this card back to amazon and get another one but this doesn't give me too much confidence in this graphics card.

I am not overclocking neither do I want to. I want a stable card and sadly this one is not it. Luckily I don't have any crashes that other people complain about but  its running way under the advertised core speed so thats nothing to brag about. I got the card for sale but could have saved another few dollars buying the 580 if the core was going to stay at this speed. Sorry for the long post. 

System Specs: 

Motherboard Lenovo

Power Supply EVGA 550 W

Memory 16GB samsung

Proc Intel I7 4790