Gigabyte Rx580 8GB power led blinking

Discussion created by heckler on May 7, 2019
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I've got a gigabyte rx580 graphics card that has a white led just at the top of the pcie conector. It's a feature that alerts the user when the card suffers power issues. No blink means "ok", always lit means "no power" and blinking means "abnormal power supply". My card blinks sometimes (once every ten minutes) and while idling. The computer runs fine, it goes fine while gaming, it passes an hour of furmark stress test and 3dmark time spy. It even renders with blender cycles ok for several hours. My computer has an ocz zs750w power supply (hwinfo 12v, 3.3v, 5.5v reads are fine). At first i've thought that my psu was defective so swapped the power supply with an antec 500w. The system runned fine, but the led still blinked.


Watching the hwinfo monitoring software i've detected that when the led blinks the lectures from "GPU Core Current" and "GPU Core Power" went to 0.0 . VDDC seemed fine, and the system was stable. So, what's happening? Is my gpu defective? Or is my power supply? I'm inclined to think that there's some bug in the gpu drivers or bios (i've also updated my gpu bios to the last one). Also my cpu is a ryzen 1700 and the mobo is a gigabyte b450m s2h (updated to the lastest bios too).