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raid drives no longer visible

Question asked by brek01 on May 7, 2019

Ok, So I add some more memory to my system this A.M., gigabyte auros gaming 7, with threadripper 1950x, and now with 128gb ram. The bios resets???? and when I boot into win10 array has vanished. I can see it in disk manager, but looks to be no data on them now, I used this array for caching my houdini sims and my photgrammetry images. I also used it as a pagefile for windows, it was all set up and working fine with raidexpert2, now i cannot even log into reai expert2, spent 4 hours reading solutions on web and non have helped. any help people? I have enabled raid in the bios, I even updated bios. nothing helped, I am not wanting a bootable array, just a raid zero for the two nmve drives.